Give arguments in favor of democracy?

Question: Give arguments in favor of democracy?

1. Democracy is completely different from monarchy, as monarchy is ruled by the king. And in a democracy the people rule. In a democracy, the representatives elected by the people make the policies.

2. Always ready for change in any system in a democracy. If there is a sudden change in a democracy, people are fully prepared for it.

3. Democracy progresses slowly as compared to any other system, because for any policy to be passed, it is necessary to have the consent of many people.

4. There is definitely opposition against any government in a democracy, if there is no opposition in a democracy government, then that government will start doing arbitrariness. Due to which people may have to face many problems.

5. In a democratic system of governance, the power is completely with the people. And he can make any representative as per his wish, he can also remove him from the post.

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