Describe an occasion when you ate a kind of food for first time?

Question: Describe an occasion when you ate a kind of food for first time?

I am a foodie person, and I am among those people who live for eating and sleeping. This is how I describe myself. I do not bring it but I like to explore options in food and the ones I like a lot I prefer eating them daily. Well, I’m a great fan of barbecues and I would like to talk about the first time I tried some typical barbecue food. This happened when I was 10 years old. My familiy went out to have dinner to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday. After putting so much thought into some new savoury food to have for our meal, we decided to go to a BBQ restautant on spicy street. We ordered four dishes with three different tastes. One of them which really interested me was grilled-Australian beef, flavoured with something spicy, rich and aromatic. It not only tasted delicious, but also looked appealing. Also, it went well with two kinds of dipping sauces and was served with baguettes. There was also a salad, which gave it a mild taste to contrast with the spicy flavours. The idea of a barbecue originated in America, and for us it was a novel and sophisticated meal.

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