10 example of biodegradable and non biodegradable material?

Question: 10 example of biodegradable and non biodegradable material? 

Biodegradable materials are substances that decompose easily through the actions of bacteria, fungi, and other living organisms. Examples of Biodegradable Waste (1)Food waste (2)Human waste (3)Paper waste (4)Manure(5)Sewage(6)Hospital waste(7)Sewage sludge(8)Slaughterhouse waste,(9) leaves, grass clippings, natural products.(10)Remains from the death of living creatures. Non-biodegradable substances cannot be broken down by natural organisms, therefore may act as a source of pollution. decomposition.  Degradation rate is slow and the separation and recycling is difficult and expensive too. Examples of Non-biodegradable Materials (1)Glass (2)Plastic (3)Metals (4)Hazardous substances (5)Pesticides (6)Fibers  (7)Glass (8)E-waste (9)Artificial rubber (10)Artificial polymers.

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