Describe a difficult decision that you once made?

Question: Describe a difficult decision that you once made?

I made the most difficult one just recently, and we would not be sitting here together if I didn’t make it. I decided to quit my job. Working for the same employer for ten years, I had the job security, good salary, and I found it relatively easy to handle the job. But I didn’t feel challenged anymore. I wasn’t happy in work. You know, it’s not so easy to start from scratch when you are 40. And I knew I would start from zero in a new career field. I had to sacrifice a lot, and also my family had to bear the consequences, which made my decision even more difficult. Nevertheless, I decided to quit. I believe it makes not sense to do the job you do not enjoy, to go to work only to earn money. And that was exactly what I was doing for the past two years. I made my choice, and here I am, interviewing for a job with you, ready to start from scratch again.

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