Describe a time when you first talking in a foreign language?

Question: Describe a time when you first talking in a foreign language?

Language is not just a medium of communication, it is an identity of people who speak it. Every language represents a culture of people associated with that language.-Different language has its own importance in their own way.-But, the language which achieved great importance since the last two or three decades is the English language. In fact, English is considered as a global language. Here, I would like to share my old memory with you when I used a foreign language for the first time to communicate with others. It happened at school. 1.My English teacher made me speak about myself in English with another classmate. 2.I had learned about English alphabets in kindergarten and I could even write simple sentences in English by that time. 3.However, I had never spoken a sentence aloud. 4. So, I was really nervous. It took me a lot of time to think what I should talk about. 5.Eventually I think I talked about name, my hobbies, my parents name and their profession. 6.I think it was a short three sentence introduction. 7.My teacher guided me and corrected me whenever I made a mistake. 8.The first sentence took me more than thirty seconds but as I spoke more, I got more and more comfortable.

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