Describe the time when you felt bored?

Question: Describe the time when you felt bored?

I remember when I was in high school there were some classes that I found to be boring in particular,one class, which was grade 10 history, was a total drag.  Time just seemed to stand still while being there, and there were several reasons why it happened. The classroom setting was one thing that I didn’t appreciate at all. I was assigned to sit in the back corner of the classroom, and because of the room design I had only one person sitting next to me who I could only communicate with. However, this guy, whose name was abhijeet, was very introverted and uninteresting, so it was harder than normal to start up an interesting conversation with him. Someday in that class, I recall that I may have never even said a word, which was quite different than my other classes. Another thing that made this situation so tedious was the dull teacher – Mr.tulsaram. From what I remember, the content of the subject seemed somewhat interesting, but the way that he presented wasn’t. This teacher spoke so slowly and with a monotonous voice, so much so that I often spent my time daydreaming instead of concentrating. I don’t think I was alone with my boredom either. The students, on the whole, appeared to be disengaged, and unfortunately, Mr.tulsaram didn’t make any in-class adjustments as he just. kept to his some old boring script. It’s a shame that this all happened. Learning about history can be very interesting, but that year I lost motivation to study it, which made everything even harder. The teacher expected us to memorize a lot of important dates from history. To do well on tests,I really needed to push myself, but at times, I felt that studying was pointless. Fortunately,  now I find reading and watching documentaries about history to be pretty fascinating. But back in grade 10,I dreaded entering the door of that classroom, because I found it to be the most boring place in the world.

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