Worst language in India?

Question: Worst language in India?

Many languages ​​are spoken in India, and those languages ​​have great importance in their region. If we talk about the worst languages ​​of India, then according to us there is no bad language in India, it is only because of some wrong people that any language is wrong. We assume right that yes some language is very difficult to learn, due to which people start considering the worst language, but that language is not bad. If we talk about ourselves, then I find English to be the worst language, because in today's time a person who does not speak English language is looked down upon, which is wrong. Where the English language originated, other languages ​​are also respected. But we are following the language of the people today imposed on us because of the ideology of slavery. And your ancient language Hindi and Sanskrit you are slowly speaking them poorly, this is totally wrong, and it can be dangerous for our future also.

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