Discuss two causes of gender based violence in south africa?

Question: Discuss two causes of gender based violence in south africa?

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a serious and widespread problem in South Africa that affects millions of women and girls, as well as LGBTI people, every year. GBV is influenced by various factors that are rooted in the social and economic structures of the country. In this discussion, we will explore two of the main causes of GBV in South Africa: patriarchy and poverty. We will examine how these factors shape the attitudes and behaviors of men and women, and how they contribute to the high rates of violence and discrimination against women and LGBTI people in South Africa.

1. Patriarchy: This is a system of social and political structures that treats men as superior to women and gives them more power and privileges. Patriarchy can lead to male violence against women and girls, as well as discrimination and oppression of women and LGBTI people.

2. Poverty and inequality: These are factors that can create stress and frustration among people, especially men who may feel threatened by their lack of economic opportunities or social status. Poverty and inequality can also limit the access of women and girls to education, health care, justice and other resources that can protect them from violence.

There may be other causes of gender-based violence in South Africa, but these are some of the most common ones that I found.

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