Explain two effects of gender based violence?

Question: Explain two effects of gender based violence?

Gender-based violence is a serious issue that has significant negative effects on individuals, families, communities, and society as a whole. Here are two effects of gender-based violence:

Physical and Mental Health Consequences: Gender-based violence can cause a range of physical and mental health consequences for survivors, including injuries, chronic pain, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancies, and mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Survivors may also have difficulty sleeping, eating, and performing daily activities, which can impact their quality of life and ability to function effectively.

Economic Consequences: Gender-based violence can also have significant economic consequences for survivors and their families. Survivors may need to take time off work to recover from injuries, seek medical care, or attend court hearings, which can lead to lost wages or job loss. They may also incur medical and legal expenses, which can be costly and may impact their financial stability. Additionally, survivors may face discrimination and stigma, which can limit their job opportunities and ability to participate fully in society.

These are just two of the many negative effects of gender-based violence. It is important to recognize and address this issue in order to support survivors and prevent further harm to individuals and society as a whole.

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