NZ Applying for Australian citizenship?

NZ Applying for Australian citizenship?

NZ applying for Australian citizenship is a process that depends on when the New Zealand citizen first arrived in Australia on a New Zealand passport There are two possible scenarios:

- If they arrived on or before 26 February 2001, they may be an **eligible New Zealand citizen** who can apply for citizenship directly without becoming a permanent resident first. They may also already be an Australian citizen by operation of law if they were born in Australia.

- If they arrived after 26 February 2001, they must first become a **permanent resident** by applying for a subclass 189 skilled independent visa or another eligible visa. Then they can apply for citizenship if they meet the residence and other eligibility requirements.

The Australian government has recently announced a new direct pathway to Australian citizenship for eligible New Zealand citizens that will start from 1 July 2023. Under this pathway, all special category visa holders will be able to apply directly for citizenship without becoming permanent residents first, as long as they meet a four-year residence and other eligibility requirements. This is a fair change for New Zealanders living in Australia, and brings their rights more in line with Australians living in New Zealand.

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