What changes sodium pellets to liquid?

Question: What changes sodium pellets to liquid?

Sodium pellets are a metallic form of sodium that is solid at room temperature. To change sodium pellets to liquid, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the sodium to its melting point, which is 97.8 degrees Celsius (207.9 degrees Fahrenheit).

When heated, the solid sodium pellets absorb thermal energy, which causes the atoms in the metal to vibrate more rapidly. As the temperature increases, the vibrations become more intense until the metal reaches its melting point. At this point, the thermal energy overcomes the forces holding the metal atoms together in a solid lattice, causing the metal to transition from a solid to a liquid state.

It is important to note that sodium is a highly reactive metal, and can react violently with water, oxygen, and other substances. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised when working with sodium, especially when heating or handling it in its liquid state. Proper protective gear, equipment, and training should be used to prevent accidents and ensure safe handling.

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