What is the definition of the term ethical dilemma?

Question: What is the definition of the term ethical dilemma?

An ethical dilemma is a situation in which a person or organization faces a choice between two or more conflicting moral principles or values. It involves a difficult decision where there is no clear right or wrong answer, and the outcome of the decision may have significant consequences for all parties involved.

For example, an ethical dilemma could arise in a medical setting where a doctor must decide whether to disclose confidential information about a patient's medical condition to their family members or to maintain the patient's privacy. Another example could be a business owner facing a decision to lay off employees to save costs or to retain them to uphold their moral obligation to their employees.

Ethical dilemmas often involve conflicting interests, values, or principles such as honesty, fairness, respect for autonomy, and social responsibility. Resolving ethical dilemmas often requires careful consideration of the facts, consultation with others, and weighing the potential outcomes of different courses of action. Ultimately, the decision made in an ethical dilemma must be guided by ethical principles and values to ensure that it is just and fair to all parties involved.

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