Why did rage against the machine get banned from snl?

Question: Why did rage against the machine get banned from snl?

Rage Against the Machine was banned from appearing on Saturday Night Live in 1996 after the band displayed an upside-down American flag during their performance of the song "Bulls on Parade". The flag was displayed as a political statement against the US government and its policies.

The display of the flag was seen as controversial by many viewers and members of the SNL production team, and led to a backlash against the band. NBC, the network that broadcasts Saturday Night Live, was reportedly inundated with complaints and criticism from viewers and politicians.

The band's frontman, Zack de la Rocha, later issued a statement defending the use of the flag, saying that it was a symbol of distress and an expression of protest against the government's policies on issues such as war and social justice.

Despite the controversy, Rage Against the Machine continued to be a popular and influential band throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, known for their politically charged lyrics and innovative blend of rock, rap, and punk music. The band has since reunited for several tours and performances, and their music continues to inspire and influence new generations of musicians and activists.


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