Explain the system of subsidiary alliance class 8?

Explain the system of subsidiary alliance class 8?

Question: Explain the system of subsidiary alliance class 8?

The system of Subsidiary Alliance was a colonial policy introduced by the British in India during the late 18th century. It was a method of indirect rule used to control Indian states by making them dependent on the British East India Company. The Subsidiary Alliance was a treaty between the Company and an Indian state, in which the Company provided protection in exchange for control over the state's foreign relations and a share of its revenue.

Under this system, the Company provided military protection to the state in exchange for allowing the Company to maintain a British resident in the state. The resident acted as a representative of the Company and monitored the state's internal affairs. The Company also demanded that the state provide troops to the Company's army and pay for their upkeep. This made the Indian state dependent on the Company for its military defense and weakened its ability to resist British control.

The Subsidiary Alliance system was used to expand British control over India and establish British hegemony over the Indian subcontinent. It was initially used in the Carnatic region of South India and later extended to other parts of India. The system was responsible for the annexation of many Indian states and the consolidation of British control over India.

Overall, the Subsidiary Alliance system was a significant aspect of British colonial rule in India, and its impact was felt in Indian society and politics for many years after independence.

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