Give four examples of impact studies that addresses social issues?

Question: Give four examples of impact studies that addresses social issues?

1. Study on the Impact of Universal Basic Income on Poverty Reduction: This study examines the social issue of poverty and investigates the potential impact of implementing a universal basic income (UBI) program. It analyzes data on income distribution, employment rates, and social welfare outcomes to assess the effectiveness of UBI in reducing poverty rates and improving social well-being.

2. Study on the Impact of Gender Quotas on Women's Political Representation: This study focuses on the social issue of gender inequality in politics and explores the effects of implementing gender quotas in political decision-making bodies. It examines data on women's representation in countries with and without gender quotas to assess the impact of such policies on women's political empowerment and the overall gender balance in politics.

3. Study on the Impact of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs on Substance Abuse: This study addresses the social issue of substance abuse and investigates the effectiveness of community-based rehabilitation programs in reducing addiction rates and improving social reintegration. It assesses the outcomes of individuals who have participated in these programs, examining factors such as substance use patterns, employment rates, and social support networks.

4. Study on the Impact of Microfinance on Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation: This study focuses on the social issues of poverty and limited access to financial services, particularly in low-income communities. It examines the impact of microfinance initiatives on entrepreneurship development and poverty reduction. The study evaluates data on loan disbursement, business growth, and income levels to determine the effectiveness of microfinance in promoting economic opportunities and improving social conditions.

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