Provide examples of how students human rights were violated during the #feesmustfall campaign?

Question: Provide examples of how students human rights were violated during the #feesmustfall campaign?

During the #FeesMustFall campaign in South Africa, there were several reported instances where students' human rights were violated. It's important to note that while these violations occurred, they do not represent the actions or intentions of all participants in the movement. Here are some examples:

1. Excessive Use of Force: Students participating in protests reported incidents of excessive force used by law enforcement agencies. This included the use of rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons, and physical violence, resulting in injuries to students and violations of their right to physical integrity.

2. Arbitrary Arrest and Detention: There were cases where students were arrested and detained without proper legal justification during protests. Some students claimed they were arrested without participating in any unlawful activities, violating their rights to freedom of assembly, expression, and liberty.

3. Restriction of Freedom of Expression: Students involved in the movement reported instances of restrictions on their freedom of expression. This included the suppression of peaceful protests, censorship of media coverage, and disciplinary actions against students for expressing their views, which infringed upon their right to freedom of speech.

4. Intimidation and Harassment: Students faced intimidation and harassment by both authorities and counter-protesters during the campaign. This included threats, surveillance, stigmatization, and violence, which violated their rights to security, privacy, and freedom from intimidation.

5. Disruption of Education: The #FeesMustFall protests resulted in significant disruptions to academic activities, with some universities experiencing prolonged closures. While protests can be a legitimate form of expression, extended closures and disruptions negatively affected students' right to education and access to learning opportunities.

6. Use of Excessive Disciplinary Measures: Some universities responded to the protests by imposing harsh disciplinary measures on students involved, including suspensions and expulsions. These actions were seen by some as violating students' rights to due process and fair treatment.

It's crucial to investigate and address these reported violations to ensure that human rights are respected and protected during protests and movements for social change.

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