How do chatbots understand language differently than a programming language?

Question: How do chatbots understand language differently than a programming language?

Chatbots are computer programs that can interact with humans using natural language, such as English, Spanish, Chinese, etc. Natural language is the way we communicate with each other every day, using words, sentences, gestures, and emotions. Programming languages, on the other hand, are artificial languages that are designed to instruct computers to perform specific tasks, such as calculating, sorting, displaying, etc. Programming languages have strict rules and syntax that must be followed exactly, otherwise the computer will not understand what to do.

One of the main differences between natural language and programming language is that natural language is ambiguous, while programming language is precise. Ambiguity means that the same word or phrase can have different meanings depending on the context, the speaker, the listener, and the situation. For example, the word "bank" can mean a financial institution, a river shore, or a verb meaning to tilt or turn. Programming language does not have this problem, because every word or symbol has a fixed and clear meaning that does not change.

Another difference is that natural language is flexible, while programming language is rigid. Flexibility means that natural language can change and evolve over time, and that there are many ways to express the same idea or information. For example, we can say "I'm hungry" or "I could eat a horse" or "My stomach is growling" to convey the same message. Programming language does not have this feature, because it has to follow a specific structure and grammar that cannot be altered or modified.

A third difference is that natural language is contextual, while programming language is universal. Contextual means that natural language depends on the background knowledge and common sense of the speaker and the listener to make sense of the conversation. For example, if someone says "It's raining cats and dogs", we know that they mean it's raining heavily, not literally animals falling from the sky. Programming language does not rely on context, because it has to be understandable and executable by any computer anywhere in the world.

These differences make natural language more expressive and rich than programming language, but also more challenging and complex to process and analyze by computers. Chatbots use various techniques and technologies to try to understand natural language and generate appropriate responses. Some of these techniques include natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL). These techniques help chatbots to parse, interpret, generate, and evaluate natural language in order to communicate with humans effectively and naturally.

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