What is educational visit in relation to the teaching of social studies?

Question: What is educational visit in relation to the teaching of social studies?

An educational visit is a type of field trip that involves students going outside the classroom to observe, explore and learn from real-world settings and experiences. Educational visits can enhance the teaching of social studies by providing students with opportunities to:

- Witness new things and learn about new environments at their own pace

- Immerse themselves in an authentic experience that connects the classroom with real-life 

- Develop personality, professionalism, self-confidence, teamwork and community skills

- Learn through visual literacy and innovative practices

- Improve their academic performance and interest in social studies

- Understand difficult subjects such as history, biology or physics by seeing and experiencing real life 

Educational visits are important for students because they help them to learn not only knowledge but also soft skills, life skills, communication skills and more. They also allow them to widen their horizons of knowledge and broaden the scope of their syllabus. Educational visits are effective methods to teach social studies in a more practical and meaningful way.

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