Distinguish between positive and negative stress?

Question: Distinguish between positive and negative stress?

Stress is a common experience for many people, but not all stress is the same. Some stress can be beneficial and motivating, while other stress can be harmful and debilitating. How can we distinguish between positive and negative stress?

Positive stress, also known as eustress, is the type of stress that helps us perform better, cope with challenges, and achieve our goals. Eustress can make us feel excited, energized, and focused. For example, preparing for a presentation, competing in a game, or going on a date can be sources of positive stress.

Negative stress, also known as distress, is the type of stress that overwhelms our ability to cope, reduces our performance, and harms our health. Distress can make us feel anxious, exhausted, and depressed. For example, losing a job, facing a deadline, or dealing with a conflict can be sources of negative stress.

The difference between positive and negative stress depends on how we perceive and respond to the stressful situation. The same situation can be experienced as either positive or negative stress depending on our attitude, skills, resources, and support. For instance, some people may enjoy public speaking while others may dread it.

Therefore, to distinguish between positive and negative stress, we need to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when we encounter a stressful situation. We also need to find healthy ways to cope with stress and seek help when we need it.

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