Describe the difference between a myth and narrative?

Question: Describe the difference between a myth and narrative?

A myth is a traditional story that often embodies beliefs or explains natural phenomena, customs, or the origins of the world. Myths are typically associated with sacred narratives involving gods, heroes, or the supernatural and serve as a means to convey cultural truths and values. On the other hand, a narrative is a broader term that refers to any account of connected events, presented in a sequence of written or spoken words, or in a sequence of pictures. It is the method of storytelling, regardless of whether the story is factual, fictional, mythical, or a combination thereof. While myths are a subset of narratives with a specific cultural or religious significance, narratives encompass a wide range of stories, including myths, legends, fables, novels, and even historical accounts. Essentially, all myths are narratives, but not all narratives are myths.

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