Explain how the average speed of the trolley is calculated?

Question: Explain how the average speed of the trolley is calculated?

The average speed of a trolley, or any object, is calculated by dividing the total distance traveled by the total time taken to travel that distance. This calculation gives a measure of how fast the trolley is moving over the entire journey, regardless of any variations in speed at different parts of the trip. For instance, if a trolley travels 100 meters in 50 seconds, its average speed would be 2 meters per second. This formula is particularly useful because it provides a simple scalar quantity that represents the rate of motion, which does not take direction into account, making it different from average velocity which is a vector quantity. To calculate the average speed accurately, one must ensure that the distance and time are in compatible units, and if the trolley changes speed at different times, the total distance and total time must include all these variations.

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