Explain why the pollution dome is more concentrated at night?

Question: Explain why the pollution dome is more concentrated at night?

The phenomenon of increased pollution concentration at night can be attributed to several atmospheric factors. During the day, the sun heats the earth's surface, causing warm air to rise and promoting vertical mixing of the air, which helps disperse pollutants. However, at night, the absence of solar radiation leads to the cooling of the ground and the air close to it, creating a more stable atmosphere that inhibits vertical mixing. This stability results in pollutants being trapped closer to the ground, leading to higher concentrations. Additionally, certain chemical reactions involving pollutants, such as the decomposition of ozone, are affected by the presence of nitrogen oxides (NOx), temperature, and humidity, which can vary between day and night. These factors, combined with the reduced vertical mixing, contribute to the 'pollution dome' being more concentrated at night.

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