Russian tsar peter the great once taxed which of the following?

Question: Russian tsar peter the great once taxed which of the following?

Tsar Peter the Great, known for his extensive reforms in Russia, imposed a unique tax that has intrigued many through the centuries: the beard tax. This tax was introduced as part of his Westernization efforts after his return from a tour of Europe. Peter the Great had observed that beards were uncommon among the European nobility and, seeking to modernize Russian society, he encouraged his countrymen to shave their beards. Those who chose to keep their beards were required to pay a tax, which varied depending on their social status. Nobility and merchants could pay as much as 100 rubles annually, while commoners paid much less. This tax was not merely a fiscal measure but also a cultural statement, symbolizing the Tsar's commitment to transforming Russian society and aligning it more closely with contemporary European practices. The beard tax is a fascinating example of how personal appearance can be used as a tool for social change.

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