Explain the concept of pseudo-scientific racism?

Question: Explain the concept of pseudo-scientific racism?

Pseudo-scientific racism, also known as scientific racism, is a discredited belief system that misuses scientific terminology and concepts to claim that certain human races are inherently superior or inferior to others. Historically, it attempted to use disciplines like physical anthropology, craniometry, and evolutionary biology to classify human populations into hierarchies of races, often to justify discriminatory practices and policies. This ideology was prominent from the 1600s through the mid-20th century, particularly in Europe and America. However, modern scientific consensus rejects these views, as contemporary genetic research has shown that the concept of biologically distinct races is not supported by empirical evidence. The idea of race as a biological fact has been replaced by the understanding that race is a social construct with no scientific basis for claims of inherent racial superiority or inferiority. After World War II, organizations like UNESCO formally denounced scientific racism, emphasizing the distinction between the biological fact of race and the myth of 'race' as a social myth. Despite its discrediting, pseudo-scientific racism has persisted in some circles, continuing to influence racial bias and discrimination under the guise of science.

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