Explain the difference between genotype and phenotype.

Question: Explain the difference between genotype and phenotype.

The terms genotype and phenotype describe different aspects of an organism's biological makeup. The genotype refers to the genetic code found within an organism's DNA, which contains the instructions for building and maintaining that organism. It is the set of genes that an organism carries, inherited from its parents, and remains constant throughout its life. On the other hand, the phenotype is the physical expression or characteristics of that genetic code, which can be observed and measured. While the genotype is a fixed part of the organism's heredity, the phenotype can be influenced by both the genotype and environmental factors such as climate, diet, and lifestyle. For example, two organisms with the same genotype can have different phenotypes if they are in different environments. In summary, while the genotype is the underlying genetic makeup, the phenotype is the visible outcome influenced by both genetic and environmental factors.

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