What are the causes of soil erosion class 10?

Question: What are the causes of soil erosion class 10?

Soil erosion is a significant environmental issue that involves the removal of the top layer of soil. The primary causes of soil erosion include natural processes such as water and wind. Water, especially during heavy rainfall and flooding, can cause various types of soil erosion like rill, gully, sheet, and splash erosion, leading to the displacement of soil particles into nearby water bodies. Wind can carry away fine soil particles, particularly in arid regions with sparse vegetation. Human activities exacerbate soil erosion, with agriculture being a major contributor. Farming practices disturb the soil surface, and the absence of crops during certain seasons leaves the soil vulnerable to erosion. Overgrazing by animals removes protective vegetation, exposing the soil to the elements. Deforestation for logging and construction activities also contributes to soil erosion by removing trees that anchor the soil and protect it from direct rainfall impact. Urbanization exposes more soil surfaces to erosion during construction, and mining activities disturb large land areas. These factors combined lead to the degradation of soil quality, affecting agricultural productivity and ecological balance.

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