What does this map reveal about the interstate highway system?

Question: What does this map reveal about the interstate highway system?

A map of the Interstate Highway System can reveal a wealth of information about the infrastructure and its impact on the nation. It showcases the extensive network of roads that facilitate travel and commerce across the United States. The numbering system itself is logical, with odd-numbered highways running north to south and even-numbered highways running east to west. The lower numbers start in the south and west, respectively, indicating the origins and directions of the routes. Additionally, the map can highlight the evolution of the system, from its early beginnings as toll roads to the comprehensive, federally funded network it is today. It also reflects the societal changes brought about by increased mobility, such as the growth of suburban areas and the development of the American car culture. Furthermore, the map can indicate areas of privatization and toll routes, providing insight into the economic aspects of the system's operation.

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