Which appeal does the anecdote about the young man use?

Question: Which appeal does the anecdote about the young man use?

The anecdote about the young man, as explored in Annie Ernaux's work, primarily uses the appeal of pathos to engage the reader on an emotional level. Ernaux's narrative delves into the complexities of a relationship with a younger man, touching on themes of power, age, and social perception. Through her candid and introspective storytelling, she invites the reader to empathize with her experiences, reflecting on the societal norms and personal emotions that such a dynamic evokes. This approach is effective in creating a connection with the audience, as it humanizes the subject matter and encourages a deeper understanding of the nuanced emotions involved in such relationships. By sharing her personal journey with vulnerability and honesty, Ernaux's anecdote appeals to the reader's sense of empathy, making the story not just a recounting of events, but a shared human experience. The Young Man.

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