Describe concurrent transaction and concurrency control?

Question: Describe concurrent transaction and concurrency control?

Concurrent transactions and concurrency control are fundamental concepts in database management systems (DBMS), ensuring that multiple transactions can occur simultaneously without compromising data integrity.

Concurrent Transactions:

- These are transactions that occur at the same time within a database system.

- They allow multiple users or processes to access and manipulate the database concurrently.

- Each transaction is a unit of work that is treated as a single, indivisible operation, which must be entirely completed or not executed at all, maintaining the database's consistency.

- Concurrent transactions can lead to potential issues such as conflicts, deadlocks, and data inconsistencies if not managed correctly.

Concurrency Control:

- This is the process by which a DBMS manages concurrent transactions to ensure data integrity and consistency.

- Concurrency control mechanisms enforce the ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) of transactions, even when they are executed in parallel.

- It involves various techniques like lock-based protocols, timestamp-based methods, and optimistic concurrency control to handle synchronization between transactions.

- The goal is to avoid problems such as dirty reads, non-repeatable reads, and phantom reads, which can occur when multiple transactions interact with the same data.

In essence, concurrency control is about managing the simultaneous execution of transactions in a way that ensures the consistency and isolation of the database operations. It's a critical aspect of DBMS that allows for reliable and efficient multi-user access to the database.

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