Explain how social media can influence gender based violence?

Question: Explain how social media can influence gender based violence?

Social media has a profound impact on public discourse and societal norms, including those related to gender. It can both reflect and shape attitudes towards gender, potentially influencing gender-based violence. The anonymity and reach of social media platforms can allow for the spread of misogynistic discourse, which may normalize and perpetuate unequal gender norms. This, in turn, can contribute to an environment where gender-based violence is more likely to occur, as seen in various studies, including one from 2020 focusing on women's experiences in sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, the way gender-based violence is reported and discussed on social media can either challenge or reinforce harmful stereotypes. For instance, sensationalist or insensitive reporting may fail to provide a context for the violence, inadvertently contributing to its normalization. Conversely, responsible reporting and discussions can raise awareness, promote empathy, and mobilize support for prevention efforts and survivor assistance. Therefore, while social media has the potential to exacerbate gender-based violence, it also holds the power to foster a more informed and supportive public discourse against it.

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