Explain the strategies to be used to reduce the impact of earthquakes?

Question: Explain the strategies to be used to reduce the impact of earthquakes?

To mitigate the impact of earthquakes, a multi-faceted approach is essential. Monitoring and prediction are crucial, as understanding the patterns and locations of seismic activity can aid in preparedness. Technological advancements, such as seismometers and radon gas detection, contribute to this effort. Engineering solutions play a pivotal role; constructing earthquake-resistant buildings using seismic isolators, cross bracing, shear walls, and counterweights can significantly reduce structural damage. Additionally, public education on earthquake preparedness, including drills and the proper securing of furniture and utilities, can minimize injuries and fatalities during seismic events[3]. Planning for post-earthquake scenarios with emergency supplies and response strategies is also vital to lessen the aftermath's severity. These strategies, combined with adherence to building codes and retrofitting existing structures, form a comprehensive defense against the destructive forces of earthquakes.

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