Explain what earthquakes are and how they are caused?

Question: Explain what earthquakes are and how they are caused?

Earthquakes are sudden and violent shaking of the ground, sometimes causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth's crust or volcanic action. Essentially, they are caused by the release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere, which creates seismic waves. This energy release is typically due to the shifting of tectonic plates, which are massive slabs of rock that make up the Earth's surface. The edges of these plates are rough and can get stuck while the rest of the plate keeps moving. When the stress on the edge overcomes the friction, there is a slip on the fault line, which we experience as an earthquake. These seismic events are most common along the fault lines where these tectonic plates meet and can occur as a result of volcanic activity, meteorite impacts, or even human activities like mining or reservoir-induced seismicity. The study of earthquakes and the waves they create is known as seismology, and it helps us understand not just why and how earthquakes happen, but also to predict patterns and potential impacts for areas around the world.

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