Which of the following statements exemplifies ubuntu?

Question: Which of the following statements exemplifies ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness and humanity of individuals within a community. It is often encapsulated in the phrase "I am because we are," highlighting the belief that one's own humanity is tied to the humanity of others. An example of Ubuntu can be seen in the practice of restorative justice in South Africa, where the focus is on repairing the harm done to relationships rather than simply punishing the individual. This approach reflects the Ubuntu principle that society gives human beings their humanity, and thus, the restoration of societal bonds is crucial. Another example is the use of the phrase "khuluma isintu" by Zulu-speaking people, which means "speak the language of people" and implies speaking in a manner that fosters human connection and community. These examples demonstrate how Ubuntu is lived out through actions that reinforce the shared human experience and collective well-being.

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