Which of these variables are varied or changed in the experiment?

Question: Which of these variables are varied or changed in the experiment?

In scientific experiments, variables are elements that can be changed or controlled. There are several types of variables that may be involved in an experiment: independent variables, which are the factors that are intentionally altered to observe their effect on the dependent variables; dependent variables, which are the outcomes that are measured to see the effects of the independent variables; controlled variables, which are kept constant to ensure the reliability of the experiment; and confounding variables, which are unexpected factors that may affect the results of the experiment. It's crucial to identify and understand the role of each variable to interpret the results accurately. For instance, in an experiment to determine the effect of sunlight on plant growth, the independent variable could be the amount of sunlight, the dependent variable might be the growth rate of the plant, and the controlled variables could include soil type, water level, and plant species. Confounding variables could be factors like the presence of pests or varying room temperatures. Understanding these variables is essential for designing a valid experiment and for the accurate analysis of data.

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