Describe an occasion when you wasted your time?

Question: Describe an occasion when you wasted your time? 

I think I have also wasted a lot of time, but a recent occasion when it happened was during the Corona lockdown days. India went into lockdown in the last week of March. It was a shock for all of me as I had never faced or even imagined such a situation. For the first two-three weeks after the lockdown, the announced I did nothing. I was at home with my family. I thought it would be over soon, and I will be back in a daily routine soon. Before the lockdown, I was planning to take the GPAT exam. But I hadn’t bought any books to prepare. During the lockdown, no bookstores were open. I just kept thinking, I will start preparing once the lockdown is over and things start.and my all of time wasting in watching tv.

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