Brenda russell collaborated with which artist on the song piano in the dark?

Question: Brenda russell collaborated with which artist on the song piano in the dark?

According to Wikipedia, the song "Piano in the Dark" was written by Brenda Russell, Jeff Hull and Scott Cutler. The song features backing vocals by Joe Esposito, who is also known for his duet with Donna Summer on "Heaven Knows". The song was released in 1988 as the first single from Russell's album Get Here. It was a hit in the US and the UK, and earned Russell two Grammy nominations, including one for Song of the Year.

In this blog post, I will explore the meaning and inspiration behind this song, as well as some of the musical elements that make it so memorable. I will also share some of my personal thoughts and feelings about this song, and why it resonates with me.

The title of the song came from Russell's habit of collecting interesting phrases for potential song titles. She said that she did not know what "Piano in the Dark" meant at first, but when she started writing lyrics, the story began to evolve. The song tells the story of a woman who wants to leave her lover, who is a piano player, but every time she tries to do that, he starts playing and draws her back in. She is captivated by his music, which he plays in the dark, metaphorically or literally.

Russell said that she found this story interesting to write about, because it shows how music can have a powerful effect on people's emotions and relationships. She also said that she wanted to create a vivid image in the listeners' minds, and let them imagine their own scenarios and interpretations of the song.

The song has a haunting and beautiful melody, with a soulful and expressive vocal performance by Russell. The piano plays a prominent role in the song, creating a contrast between the light and the dark, the hope and the despair, the love and the pain. The chorus is catchy and memorable, with a catchy hook: "When I find myself watching the time / I never think about all the funny things you said / I feel like it's dead / Where is it leading me now?" The backing vocals by Esposito add a layer of harmony and emotion to the song.

The song has been covered by several artists, such as George Benson, Nancy Wilson, Kenny Lattimore and Chanté Moore. It has also been sampled by rapper Nas on his song "Surviving the Times". The song remains one of Russell's most popular and acclaimed songs, and a classic of the 1980s R&B/soul genre.

I personally love this song because it speaks to me on a deep level. I can relate to the feeling of being torn between staying or leaving someone who has a hold on me through their music or their art. I can also appreciate the beauty and complexity of the songwriting and the production. The song has a timeless quality that makes it relevant and enjoyable even today.

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