Who scored their first no. 1 on the hot 100 with bad habit?

Question: Who scored their first no. 1 on the hot 100 with bad habit?

If you are a fan of R&B music, you might have heard of Steve Lacy, the talented singer, songwriter and producer who started making beats on his iPhone as a teenager. Lacy is also known for being part of the Grammy-nominated band The Internet, which was affiliated with the hip hop collective Odd Future.

But did you know that Lacy recently scored his first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his single "Bad Habit"? According to Billboard, Lacy's self-produced song climbed to the top spot on Oct. 8, 2022, after spending four weeks at No. 2. The song is from his sophomore album Gemini Rights, which also features other tracks like "Static" and "Dark Red".

Lacy expressed his gratitude and excitement on Instagram, where he posted a screenshot of the chart and wrote: "Damn I ain't even have to change [for real]. We #1 babyyyyy. July 11th was my first entry at 100 and today, Oct 3rd, my first entry at #1. Wow oh wow. I feel heavy gratitude all over my body. [You] know how the story goessss and how it's goin. iPhone boy to superstar."

"Bad Habit" is not only Lacy's first No. 1 song, but also one of the few songs with "bad" in the title to reach the peak of the Hot 100. As Billboard points out, there have been only 15 songs with "bad" in their titles that have hit No. 1 since the chart's inception in 1958. Some of these songs include "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish, "Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar, and "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi.

Lacy joins this exclusive club of artists who have turned "bad" into something good on the charts. If you haven't listened to "Bad Habit" yet, you can check it out on YouTube or Spotify. And if you want to learn more about Steve Lacy and his music, you can visit his official website or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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