Biosphere reserve has following zone except one?

Question: Biosphere reserve has following zone except one?

Biosphere reserves are designated regions that include a mix of protected and sustainable use areas. They are typically divided into three zones: the core area, where conservation is the priority and human activity is highly restricted; the buffer zone, which surrounds or adjoins the core areas, allowing only activities compatible with conservation objectives; and the transition area, where sustainable resource management practices are promoted to create local solutions to global challenges. These zones work together to balance the goal of preserving biodiversity with the need for sustainable human activity. There is no 'manipulation zone' as part of the biosphere reserve structure; this term does not align with the recognized zoning system of biosphere reserves. The concept of a manipulation zone might be confused with the transition area, which does allow for sustainable human activities and economic development that are socio-culturally and environmentally sustainable.

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