How many fundamental duties are given in the indian constitution?

Question: How many fundamental duties are given in the indian constitution?

The Indian Constitution, under Article 51A, specifies 11 fundamental duties that every citizen is expected to adhere to. These duties were introduced by the 42nd Amendment Act of 1976, and later expanded by the 86th Amendment Act in 2002. They serve as a moral code of conduct for citizens and include respecting the Constitution, its ideals, and institutions; cherishing the noble ideals of the freedom struggle; upholding the sovereignty, unity, and integrity of India; defending the country; promoting harmony and brotherhood; valuing and preserving the rich heritage of the nation's culture; protecting the natural environment; developing scientific temper and humanism; safeguarding public property; striving towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity; and providing opportunities for education to children between the ages of six and fourteen years. These duties are a reminder of the constitutional values that every Indian citizen is encouraged to uphold.

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